About Us

About Pronto Motorcycle Couriers

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Pronto Motorcycle Couriers is able to deliver small packages quickly for both businesses and individuals. Making the satisfaction of our customers our highest priority, we’re committed to completing all jobs in an efficient manner.

Why we are different!

We don’t compete with regular couriers, we offer a service that is unique and custom made to fit in with your urgent needs. Below are the differences.

  1. We don’t have pre-set cut off times of the day for pick ups.
  2. We fit into your schedule, not you fitting into our schedule!
  3. Don’t worry about missing your regular courier, we deliver 6 days of the week from 7am to 6pm.
  4. No need to pre-purchase bulk labels/bags like most big company couriers.
  5. We deliver when and where the others don’t. As long as there is a sealed road, we deliver to your door.

Our Vehicles

Our vehicles are both practical and safe. The motorcycle’s lockable luggage compartment measures 45cm long x 30cm wide x 25cm deep and is capable of holding up to 9kg. Strongly built, the compartment also features a soft inner lining and is waterproof as well as dustproof. We also have a tamper-proof, non-transparent satchel for use with banking and other valuable or confidential items.

Advantages of pronto motorcycle couriers

Our couriers are committed to road safety. GPS systems are used to get to you as quickly and easily as possible. Our couriers also undergo police and transport department checks so you can rest easy knowing your valuables are in safe hands.

  1. Our couriers take on one job at a time.  We make one pickup and deliver it via the quickest and shortest route possible.
  2. Once a service has been requested and paid for we pick up the parcel and deliver it without any detours whatsoever. We believe that if you want an item quickly that is our aim as well.
  3. Motorcycle couriers have major advantages over cars or vans when it comes to finding a place to park. We can use a normal car parking space, a designated motorcycle space or a commercial loading zone. We can also find small areas to park where no other vehicle could park. Our ability to park close to our ports of call are numerous. No more walking long distances to and from car parks half way down the street.
  4. Motorcycles in heavy traffic have a distinct advantage that no other vehicle could match. Our ability to get from point A to point B has been greatly enhanced by Qld road rules that came in to force in 2016. The link to these laws is here.   https://www.qld.gov.au/transport/safety/rules/motorcycle/
  5. Motorcycles are also cheaper on fuel and registration. The cost of tolls in the Greater Brisbane is also reduced for motorcycles. This is another cost saving to you.
  6. Our bank and postal runs are more of a service than a courier. We are much more than a pick up and drop off service. We arrive at your place of business with a security satchel where you can place your business banking in. This is then sealed by you with a specially numbered tag. It is then taken directly to the bank where we wait in line to be served by a teller who then opens this sealed bag. If you require a return trip we can also arrange that for you. You won’t find any courier service doing that!

Learn More Today

Want to learn more? Make an enquiry or find out more about our services by getting in touch with our team at info@prontomotorcyclecouriers.com.au.