Banking and Postal Runs

At Pronto Motorcycle Couriers, we understand that small businesses often operate with minimal staff and sometimes can’t afford to have skilled or qualified personnel running basic errands. That’s why we offer employers the opportunity to let us take on menial tasks such as banking and postal runs. We know these jobs are an important part of business but can’t be done on the way home from the office outside of business hours. Using our services means you don’t have to waste precious time in the middle of the day travelling and standing in line.

There is also increased pressure on businesses when staff are on annual leave or sick leave. We are here to help those businesses operate more efficiently during these periods.

The Pronto Service

We offer both single and return trips for customers who require this service. We use high-security, tamper-proof, non-transparent satchels with security codes for your peace of mind. All of our staff members have undergone police checks in order for them to carry out these important tasks.

Our quote will include 10 minutes for time taken waiting in queues to be served. During extreme weather conditions or busy periods, we may use a car to make a delivery.

Find out more about using our services for your business by sending an enquiry to today.