The Tourist’s Courier Service

Holiday Makers

Have you just set out on holidays and your worst nightmare has just been realised?  You have just found out that you have forgotten one very important item.  Maybe it’s your passport or another important document. Maybe it’s your laptop, phone, luggage or items such as glasses or medication?

Don’t let a hiccup spoil your travel plans.  Don’t let a mountain be made out of a mole hill.  You don’t have to miss your flight, tour or cruise.  Cancelling and booking another flight can be expensive!  We are here to help! Call us now on 0422 369 101.

Business Traveller

Maybe you are on a business trip with a hectic schedule and you just need things to run smoothly?

You have a planned or impromptu business meeting in another city, state or country and things have just gone pear shaped.

Time is short and you need an item quickly.  Maybe it’s your passport or another important document, laptop, phone, luggage or items such as glasses and medication whilst on your way to the airport?

Don’t stress, call The Tourist’s Courier Service now on 0422 369 101.  We specialise in making urgent deliveries when and where they are needed the most.

Caravanning Or Motorhome Travellers

Travelling around Australia or just a weekend away?

The best laid plans can be turned upside down when an important item is forgotten or the unthinkable has happened and your trustworthy vehicle has broken down. You need a part quickly to make repairs and get back on the road again. The local repair shop doesn’t have your part which means a  2-3 day wait before it arrives.

Don’t pull your hair out, call The Tourist’s Courier Service now on 0422 369 101. The sooner we know of your needs the sooner we can help solve your problems.

On-Call Courier Service

The Tourist’s Courier Service is an on-call courier service which specialises in the delivery of important items when and where they are urgently needed the most.

Sunshine Coast based, we travel across the coast and hinterland, down to Brisbane airport and cruise ship terminal and many other destinations if required. The sooner we know about your needs, the sooner we can meet your needs.

We are fully insured and using specific traffic laws for motorcycles in Queensland we can filter through heavy traffic much easier than other forms of transport making the whole journey much more time efficient.

We gain digital signatures on both pickup and delivery of all items and each delivery is tracked through our office. Couriers are always in contact with our office by use of Blue Tooth communications. Satellite navigation is used for the best routes possible.

Couriers have undergone security checks for complete peace of mind.

Accounts are not required, and an invoice can be paid online. Once credit card payment is confirmed a vehicle is on its way. Insurance, tolls and security satchels are all included in our quotes.

Need something larger? Not a problem, we will despatch a car as soon as the service is paid for.

Call us on 0422 369 101 to have your problems solved.